Robinet PPR cu bila Q20

Robinet PPR este utilizat in instalatiile sanitare si termice, pentru inchidere si deschidere.
Acesta are diametrul de 20 - 32 mm.
In plus, acestea nu modifica gustul sau mirosul apei, sunt rezistente la coroziune si se recomanda pentru utilizare in gama de temperaturi -20°C / + 95°C.

Beneficii generale:


Material: PP-R plastic material.
Sizes: 20 - 32 mm.
Standard: ISO 15874: 2003.
Characteristics: Easy to install, resistant, not easily deformed.
Applications: cold or hot water supply, heating systems, including floor heating systems, wall heating and radiator, central air conditioning, and industrial fluid transportation.
Use: Adequate for pipeline systems for water supply and pipeline systems for cable routing.
• Resistance to high temperatures: maximum constant operating temperature is of up to 70 degrees, and the maximum transient temperature is of up to 95 degrees.
• Heat preservation: the reduced thermal conductivity results in heat preservation.
• Non-toxic.
• Small installation costs: the product’s reduced weight and the fact that it is easy to install may reduce installation costs.