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TE-MA's History,
Through the Years

  • 2000

    TE-MA made its very own first purchases of sanitary ware, electrical and interior decorations and began to sell and distribute them under the its own brand.
  • 2004

    After 4 years of testing the market and adapting, it was finally time to begin in-house manufacturing. TE-MA was about to become the first manufacturer of PVC curtain rail in all Romania, selling 300.000 linear meters of rail in the first year.
  • 2005

    As DIY chains expanded, the market grew exponentially and from then on, TE-MA seized all the opportunities on the Romanian market. Always adapting, always listening to its clients’ needs, the company will continue to diversify its product range every single year.
  • 2006

    TE-MA’S first ODM export to the Bulgarian and Hungarian market: inspection hatches, ventilation frames and tile profiles.
  • 2007

    Once again, TE-MA is the first Romanian manufacturer to ever produce a complete system of curtain rails with plinth. In 2008, electrical boards are developed.
  • 2009

    TE-MA started producing its own collection of bathroom ventilation fans, toilet lids (also available in 10 different colors), tub sealing profiles and ducting pipe reducer.
  • 2014

    In order to meet the growing demands of the market, TE-MA doubles its manufacturing capabilities by acquiring 3 new injection molding.
  • 2015

    TE-MA develops new designs for its ventilation systems and the adjustable ventilation frame is launched!
  • 2017

    After 2 years of research and testing, TE-MA launches its new brand: Elegance, a modern alternative to classic wood curtain rails, made from quality aluminum and painted in an electrostatic field.
  • 2018

    For the third time since 2004, TE-MA manufactures flexible toilet pan connectors in-house for the first time on the Romanian market.
  • 2019

    After the success of Elegance, TE-MA develops a similar design, but with a more minimalistic style: aluminum curtain rail Slim, painted in an electrostatic field.
  • 2020

    Coming soon: PPR pipes and fittings.
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